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Connected Medical Technologies, LLC

( is a medication compliance program offered by Connected Medical Technologies, LLC.

Our Mission

At Connected Medical Technologies, we are constantly developing affordable ways to provide a positive and important impact on the health and lives of our customers, and their families, who are struggling to live with chronic illness.

The Team
Dennis Crumb CEO

Dennis has held executive positions ranging from a Fortune 50 company to a startup and just about everything in between. He has purchased and sold existing companies, participated in startups and acted as an advisor to numerous other companies of various sizes up to 16,000 employees.

Dennis compliments his corporate experience with academic work at both Regis University and Colorado Christian University where he teaches Business Planning and Financial Decision Making in their executive MBA programs. Dennis' well rounded business acumen has been recognized by the Institute for Independent Business, an International Accreditation Body, who added Dennis to their elite listing of Accredited Associates in 2006.

Leveraging his extensive experience with continued academic training, Dennis brings to Connected Medical Technologies the vision, perspective, and financial expertise that the company relies on in its planning, strategies, and growth management.

On a personal note, the medical complications that his wife endured as a result of a single medication mistake in her own complex leukemia medication regimen has motivated him to create a business, with his partner Jon Young, that can help as many people as possible avoid the complications that may result from their own non-compliance.

Jon Young President

With the launch of Connected Medical Technologies, Jon brings more than 30 years of sales, marketing, and business management experience to the development of next generation health solutions.

After graduating from York University in Toronto, he invented Environmental Control Systems for quadriplegics at the Weitzmann Institute of Science and presented at the XIIIth World Congress of Rehabilitation International, 'Trends in Rehabilitation' section.

Over the years, he has founded and been involved in hi-tech startups, led successful sales departments, as well as created, built and managed industry leading sales companies.

His career focus has been on sales and business development of new technology based products and solutions that change lives and industries. He brings a wealth of experience in commercializing and marketing emerging technologies across diverse technical fields.

Prior to launching Connected Medical Technologies, Jon was recruited in 2006 by YCD Multimedia to as VP Sales to launch their North American digital signage operations. The company is one of the leading firms in Internet based media management, software design, database management, Internet security and communications.

In the technical and business development leadership of the company, Jon is leveraging years of experience in invention, web based technologies, and business development to help solve the most intractable problems endured by those struggling with chronic illness, their families, and the health care industry today.

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