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Automatic pill dispensers filled by homecare nurses or pharmacy filling, can significantly improve your clients' medication compliance. Medication management using automated dispensers is proven to allow the elderly to age in place longer and to do so without having to rely on someone to correctly dispense medications by hand as many times each day as needed.

As states expand alternatives to costly facility-based, long term care, there are new challenges and revenue opportunities for home health care. The challenge to lower costs while delivering better patient outcomes is driving the Home Healthcare industry to turn to technology to achieve these otherwise opposing goals

Many states fund medication compliance programs to realize cost savings from keeping patients in their home. The MissNoMeds™ program provides a range of solutions that can meet any patient profile, from cost effective automatic pill dispensers to models that communicate - providing for both real time intervention at time of non-compliance, and on-demand logging of the patient's compliance behavior. For home care providers, a secure dashboard provides fast, easy reporting and management of multiple patients.

The MissNoMeds™ medication management program can be an immediately actionable component in any plan to improve patient outcomes by:

  • Reducing the high potential for medication errors amongst home care patients.
  • Leveraging technology to improve medication adherence with alerts at time of non-compliance.
  • Enabling better co-ordination with physicians to manage chronic conditions with reports of changing compliance behavior over time.
  • Providing additional support and engagement needed by family caregivers.

If you provide medical home care, the combination of in home medication loading by your nurses with the MissNoMeds™ program provides a cost effective way to help maximize medication compliance and improve patient outcomes.

If you provide non-medical homecare, participating pharmacy partners allow you to achieve similar results.

The MissNoMeds™ solution is an easy and affordable medication management program that you can implement for more patients. MissNoMeds™ can both help your patients avoid a premature move to long term care, and help you increase the average length of service for your patients. Thereby you can devote more billable time to your existing customers and less time prospecting for new ones.

If you would like to learn more, or consider testing the MissNoMed™ program, click here to give us your contact information and we'll give you a call.

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