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Independent Living

Residents of independent living often contract with independent service provides to help with their day to day living and health care needs, while enjoying the community, activities and peace of mind that your facility provides. It goes without saying that virtually every independent living resident wants to enjoy living independently as long as possible.

Yet medication non-compliance is a leading cause of hospital admissions and ultimately the transition from independent living to assisted living and nursing home care. Studies confirm that the inability to self-medicate and falls are two key reasons for the transition. In fact a 2010 study published in the Journals of Gerontology, concludes that older adults who sometimes forget to take their medication as prescribed, fall 50% more often than those that are compliant.

When we improve medication compliance, we extend the average time that residents can remain in independent living. We'll then achieve our most important calling, to extend and improve the quality of life, in their final years. Not only do patients and their families benefit, but there's also a valuable impact on the bottom line. As many residents can live independently longer, average revenue per resident increases, while at the same time the amortized costs of patient churn are reduced (administrative, room remodeling, etc.).

Resolving medication compliance is finally affordable and within reach of each resident. In addition to reminding patients, our automatic medication dispensers together with real time non-compliance alerts ensures that family members and caregivers can successful intervene at the time it matters most, when the resident has just missed a scheduled dose. Compliance histories allow the care team to monitor changes in compliance and make more informed adjustments to dosages, scheduling, and medications There's no charge to access your residents' compliance data. All you need is their permission, and the ability to log in to our portal.

We'd love to answer your questions, to demonstrate exactly how having your residents' compliance history at your fingertips, can help you achieve better health outcomes and to help counsel residents and their family members.

Most importantly we invite you to become a professional partner, so that we can keep you informed and provide you with the information you need to refer your residents to participating pharmacies, home care and other care team partners.

If you have any questions, would like a demo, or would like to become an Independent Living facility partner click here to give us your contact information and we'll give you a call.

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