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Medications are one of the most important tools to help patients with chronic illness - as long as they are taken regularly and as prescribed. Until now, it's been nearly impossible to determine whether a patient's failure to respond to treatment is due to poor compliance.

Average compliance rates are below 50% and compliance amongst those with chronic disease drops precipitously over time. The ability to provide the most informed and effective medical care can only occur if you know your patients' actual medication adherence.

Finally, it's no longer necessary to be blind to the details of your patients' medication compliance behavior. The program can provide you with this critically important information, and it's instantly available, all the time, wherever you are.

The medication compliance program includes

  • Automatic pill dispensing at home
  • Web accessible compliance reporting
  • Professional filling of 100% of the patient's prescribed (dry) medications

Advantages include

  • Sustained, professional filling can dramatically increase compliance and refill persistence rates
  • Physicians can, as a benefit of professional filling of all patient medications, rely on participating Homecare agencies and pharmacies to identify potential drug interactions before it's too late

There's no charge to access your patients' compliance data. All you need is their permission, and the ability to log in to our portal.

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We encourage your questions and would love to demonstrate how the program can provide a secure and reliable path to proper medication management.

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