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I'm Jon Young, President of Connected Medical Technologies, LLC. Our firm has developed the program to solve a very painful problem for millions of people who are living with chronic disease today.

If you or someone that you care for is living with a chronic condition and taking two or more medications on a regular schedule, then this is for you and could make a very important difference in your life. Please read on, then click the self-assessment button on this page to help evaluate your own risks. If your assessment score indicates that you may be at risk, we highly recommend that you review the results with your doctor.

Here's the problem - we all know how hard it can be to remember to take our medications when we're supposed to. Life is busy, the number of pills and timing can be complicated and confusing, and let's face it, when we feel better continuing to take our meds may be the last thing on our minds.

  • 50% of all prescriptions are not taken as intended
  • 90% of people make errors in taking medications
  • Medication errors cause
    • Premature deaths (about 125,000 each year in the USA alone)
    • 156 million doctor's visits
    • 10% of all hospital admissions (30% for the elderly)
    • 23-40% of all nursing home admissions
    • Almost $300 billion in unnecessary medical costs, including YOUR SHARE in co-pays and deductibles

Having a chronic disease complicates life. Trying to maintain a complicated medication schedule with a variety of pills while feeling ill can be frustrating, and worse can lead to mistakes in medication management. Even with the help of others it's just too hard to take our meds on time, day in and day out, year after year.

Finally, there's a proven solution that simplifies life in a way that can be truly lifesaving.

Medications only work
when taken as prescribed

is a home medication management program that provides an easy to use pill dispenser that delivers the medications you need when you need them, automatic reminders when needed, and a permanent log that you and your doctor can access at any time.

  • Simplifies your life and saves time
  • Less to organize and remember
  • More time to spend with loved ones and doing the things you love to do
  • Freedom from worrying about the medical complications that can occur if you don't take your medications as prescribed
  • Reminders - at the time it matters most
  • Audible & visual alarms, just like an alarm clock when it's time to take your medications
  • Phone calls, texts and emails in case you miss an alarm, sent to you and anyone else you choose (requires the optional monthly reporting service and communication enabled automatic pill dispenser)
  • Review your medication history reports when you take your medications or have missed a reminder so that you and your care team can adjust your medication schedule to better fit your lifestyle and health needs. (Included with the optional monthly reporting service.)
  • Homecare Agencies and Pharmacy Partners
    • Home loading of complicated medication schedules by patients, friends or family can increase the risk of dangerous and life threatening complications
    • Our medical homecare partners and participating pharmacies can load and schedule your dispenser, reducing the time and effort it takes to manage your medications, simplifying your life, and helping you avoid the risks of home loading errors
Take an interactive self-assessment to see if an automated pill dispenser program would be appropriate for you or your loved one.

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