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Pharmacies serve a US market of over 120 million people who have chronic illnesses and for whom health outcomes are highly dependent on medication compliance.

By addressing and linking the pressing and overlapping needs of patients, healthcare providers and pharmacies, the Connected Medical Technologies solution offers a highly effective, low cost solution that can be delivered to that segment of your customer base with highest average script count, a financially significant portion of your pharmacy customers.

Connected Medical Technologies (CMT) has developed a uniquely effective solution that combines patented products (automated medication dispensers) and value added services. The way in which it addresses the problem of medication compliance/adherence, allows participating pharmacies to significantly improve their prescription revenues and bottom line while delivering better health outcomes for their customers.

Therefore, we can help with one of the primary business goals of our pharmacy partners, to find strategic new ways to significantly increase script count and improve revenue. Our product / service can unlock the lost revenue that occurs because of medication non-compliance. Studies show that the pharmaceutical industry loses over $70 billion in revenue each year because people do not take their medication properly. The CMT program dramatically enhances the potential performance of your existing initiatives to increase refill rates, and as pharmacy fill requires that a single pharmacy loads all medications, adds a compelling solution to revenue loss due to polypharmacy.

While the bottom line results are critical to pharmacy business needs, the way in which the CMT program solves the challenge of polypharmacy is of critical value to the patient and to their entire healthcare team. Simply by refilling the dispensers each month, pharmacists can be continually aware of all medications that patients have been prescribed. As a result pharmacists are uniquely positioned to catch potential drug interactions, and can therefore quarterback drug regimen dynamics to the patient's otherwise disconnected healthcare team. The CMT program allows participating pharmacies to achieve profitable PCM, and as a result, dramatically enhancing the pivotal role of the pharmacist within the healthcare team.

Until now, the high cost of automated medication dispensers/services has limited the use of this type of solution to a niche market. Finally we've achieved, just this year, the cost breakthroughs needed to ignite the market and allow pharmacies to take full advantage of this critically needed and important new revenue opportunity.

Online Pharmacy Portal

CMT's pharmacy partners, have access to a free website portal, designed to;

  • a) quickly and easily implement a Pharmacy Fill program, using CMT's HIPAA compliant SAAS platform, scalable to handle pharmacy groups of any size. The pharmacy portal is designed as a resource that pharmacists and techs can use to execute day to day operations in-store, and to provide management with reports and metrics. It can usually be implemented almost immediately in any pharmacy with web access, without any changes to your current software programs or IT infrastructure. Key functionality includes: standard operating procedures, order entry, filling instructions, quality assurance tools, record keeping and patient medication histories, a full range of in-pharmacy, and multi-store reporting that can be used to monitor and manage the pharmacy fill program.

  • b) provide pharmacists with all the information they need to provide customer counseling with easy to read compliance reports, including: a dashboard summary of compliance, current non-compliance patterns, and a detailed interactive compliance history. These reports provide pharmacists a tool to provide counseling relevant to each patient based on their actual, personal compliance history... all with reports that provide key data at just a quick glance. Of course if a patient needs additional counseling, the portal provides the pharmacist access to the same detailed reports available to the patient's physicians and other members of their healthcare and caregiver team that they have provided authorization. Whenever necessary, the pharmacist has the information needed to provide informed counseling, and to help the patient's physicians make medication decisions based both on the full medication regimen and actual compliance data. CMT's Pharmacy Portal can be a key element of successful PCM.

Contact Us to request a demo of CMT's Pharmacy Fill Portal.

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How it Works

At the time that an automated dispenser is initially purchased it can be loaded and programmed by the pharmacist using a proven pharmacy fill SOP, customized to your operation. The consumer can take the unit home and the pharmacy can then refill prescriptions simply by loading reusable replacement trays, which the patient or caregiver insert into the dispenser. Pharmacists will typically supply trays once per month.

Will it work for my pharmacy?

We invite you to contact us to schedule an introductory presentation. We're looking forward to helping you explore how this unique solution can impact both your customers' health, and your bottom line, and to evaluate if it's the right fit for your operation.

For qualified clients, we can provide a business case forecasting model. It's a great tool that allows you to quickly and easily forecast net revenue based on different business models and sets of assumptions. While the model uses industry averages, it's interactive and allows you to input your own key data so that you can generate a forecast specific to your own business.

If you have any questions, would like a demo, or would like to become a professional partner click here to give us your contact information and we'll give you a call.

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