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When patients are not responding properly to their medication therapy, changes to dosages or medications are often prescribed, simply because there has been no way to know if the patient has been consistently taking their medications correctly.

Imagine having a button you can press in your office to instantly see all the medications they're having filled to see if there's a possible drug interaction, and if/when they've been non-compliant. What medications do they resist taking? When do they miss their medications, and why? What changes to their schedule or their medications will help? How is their compliance to your current medication therapy impacting their health and the test results you're using to monitor their progress?

Our compliance reporting automatic medication dispensers can provide you an important new tool to evaluate the results of your medication therapies within the context of actual patient behaviour. As a result, this new tool provides "one button" access to information has been beyond reach until now. Finally, with actual compliance data at your fingertips, your counseling and your medication therapies can be adjusted over time as needed. This tool will can help you increase your effectiveness and deliver significantly improved health outcomes to many of your patients.

Resolving medication compliance is not just about providing you with the data that you've never had before, it's also about delivering successful intervention at the time it matters most, when the patient has just missed a scheduled dose. Our system automatically calls patients not only to remind them, but calls caregivers who can successful intervene before it's too late.

We'd love to answer your questions, to demonstrate exactly how having your patients' compliance history at your fingertips, can help you achieve better health outcomes.

If you have any questions, would like a demo, or would like to become a professional partner click here to give us your contact information and we'll give you a call.

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