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MedReady 1700


The MedReady 1700 with extra tray and cover set (to ease pre-loading of medication refills), and with available optional Flashing Light.

Note: The MR-357 or MedReady 1750 is required to take advantage of our compliance service.


Pill Box Reminder Dispenser with Loud Alarm. Lockable with supplied metal lock and key. AC powered with battery backup (rechargeable batteries included). The medication tray has 29 compartments, 28 compartments of which can be filled with pills. The 29th compartment is left empty to easily and perfectly align the tray when reloading. Each compartment can hold multiple medications (About 18 Aspirin Size Pills). When the alarm sounds, the tray advances allowing you access to the medication in that compartment.

Standard Features

  • Loud Alarm
  • Lockable (supplied with metal lock and key)
  • AC powered with battery backup (rechargeable batteries included)

Optional Features

  • Flashing Light

Each tray has 28 usable slots that can be filled for up to four medication events per day; therefore, one tray's capacity range is between a four week's supply of medications (if only one medication event per day) to one week's supply of medications (if four medication events per day).

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