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MedReady 1750


The MedReady 1750 with extra tray/cover set (to ease pre-loading of medication refills), and with available optional Flashing Light.


Communication enabled automated pill dispenser provides real time alerts to the patient and/or their caregivers. This allows caregivers to intervene and prevent the patient from missing their medications. The MedReady 1750 sends daily medication compliance data via the internet which is used to develop easy to read graphical summary reports. These reports are available to the patient and anyone they approve, including the pharmacist who can tailor the dispenser's programming based on patterns of noncompliance, and the doctor who is now armed with information never before available, can now make more appropriate adjustments to the patients medication therapy.

Note: These modem units can be configured at the factory to dial-9 to get an outside line. Currently the monitoring for these units is only available in the United States and Canada.

Standard Features

  • Loud Alarm
  • Lockable (supplied with metal lock and key)
  • AC powered with battery backup (rechargeable batteries included)
  • Real time alerts to caregivers and patients

Optional Features

  • Flashing Light

Each tray has 28 usable slots that can be filled for up to four medication events per day; therefore, one tray's capacity range is between a four week's supply of medications (if only one medication event per day) to one week's supply of medications (if four medication events per day).

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