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Medication Compliance Solution

The cost of medication non-adherence is well documented in the medical literature 1, affecting so many patients with completely avoidable health complications, and unnecessary additional financial costs.

In living with chronic disease, improving medication non-compliance is one thing that almost everyone can do to improve their lives and those of the ones they love. The benefits are compelling and include:

  • improved long term quality of life
  • improved health outcomes
  • providing peace of mind to patients and their families
  • reduced cost of healthcare
  • significant reduction in hospital readmissions, and
  • extending the time that seniors can safely age in place, at home.

The program is significantly improving patients' medication compliance by combining professional services and affordable, communication enabled technology, in a way that motivates patients, family caregivers and loved ones.

Two key technology components, (1) an automated pill dispenser that communicates with (2) an online database/portal, work in concert to engage and empower the collaborative efforts of patients, their family caregivers, and their professional health care providers. (physicians, homecare agency, and pharmacists)

These four integrated components work together to provide the awareness, needed to effectively help patients and their families change compliance behavior:

  1. An automated pill dispenser with telehealth communication capabilities.
  2. Real time alerts at the time of non-compliance, sent to patients and/or care givers.
  3. Online web based reporting tools for patients, their healthcare providers, and family caregivers.
  4. Optional, professional filling services (provided by medical homecare agency partners and participating pharmacy partners)

The compliance solution connects the efforts of separate groups for maximum success.

1 The cost of non-adherence is well documented in the literature, i.e. NEHII , CVSII , John Hopkins' Partnership for SolutionsIII as well as CDC data, etc. MissNoMeds™ is modeled on a similar proven program in the UK and has been optimized for the US market, expanding the patient profile to include adults of all ages. A 2012 NHS reportIV "The Automated Pill Dispenser Project" documented; improved health outcomes, a significant reduction in hospital readmissions, and a program ROI of almost 11.5 : 1V, including the costs of product, pharmacy fill and other program costs. Similarly compelling health financial outcomes are expected for our US partners.

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